Our Brands


The engineers of Arslab consider the use of quality products and highly skilled experienced engineers to be the most important elements in the creation of an acoustic system. To that end, Arslab pays very close attention to the quality of the drivers they choose and the construction of the shell itself.

Toward the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, the world of electro-acoustics experienced significant technological growth. It became increasingly more important for each brand to present consumers with a time defying solution that demonstrated unique and first of its kind results. In the rush to provide a new solution to customers, sound became a less important delivery point. At the same time, High End acoustic systems with neutral sound have always been valued by sound enthusiasts. That is to say that the system itself should never bar sound appreciation.

The work of the engineers of Arslab is guided by principles of conservatism. The use of exceedingly complex modern materials and components is not the first priority in their creation. The work instead is governed by principles of measured sufficiency and the first priority is always Sound.