Penaudio, Ceratec & Cold Ray @ High End Munich Show.
Penaudio @ What HiFi Show in Moscow
Renewed Penaudio Charisma, many times described as the perfect compromise. It is a high-end speaker and an elegant piece of design. Whether you see, touch or hear Charisma, it shines with detail, throws life-like images and sings with pleasure.
Featuring brand: Audiocore. Cables, capacitors, resistors, spikes and much more for reasonable price.

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An overwhelming sound experience needs no visible speakers. Cerasonar from Ceratec fills the room with music, impressively pure and dynamic, while the loudspeakers entirely hides in the wall or ceiling.
Fractal Diffusor’s Cold Ray Fractal 7 products are designed to reduce the effects of sound reproducing equipment vibrations in a diffused sound field.

As all that is genius, the Cold Ray Fractal 7 working principle is simple, though it has its roots in fractal mathematics. To cope with secondary radiation, one has to “focus” and “neutralize” it.

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